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Perihelion Solar offers many options for our installation, even if you're off the grid!


Residential Solar

Our solar power system panels are warrantied for 25 years, but can have a lifetime of up to 40. Our customers have the ability to monitor their panels through the internet to ensure that they get what they paid for. Contact us so we can help your family save money today.

Commercial Solar

Commercial Customers get the benefit of not only the 26% Solar Equipment Incentive Tax Credit but can also depreciate the equipment for further tax savings. Contact us today so we can help you save your customers cost by saving yours.

Off-Grid Solar

An off-grid solar system is designed to be completely independent from the utility grid. These systems store energy through the use of a battery bank and must be sized to meet your daily power requirements. If you live in a remote area, you should consider this as an option for your electricity needs.

Solar Panels with a Sleek,
Low-Profile Design

Customers About Our Solar Panels

“I met Andy when my wife and I were in the middle of a solar panel emergency. My panels were installed incorrectly by a previous installer, and my roof would leak whenever it rained. I was in a panic, but fortunately, I learned about Perihelion. The first time I met Andy I was certain that he would come to our rescue, and he did. Not only did he correct the previous mistakes, he installed new mounts that would seal the roof so there would be no more leaks. Since his repair, we have had several strong rainstorms, and our attic is as dry as a bone. We also have more good news. We are saving over $100 a month in energy costs as a result of our panels being installed correctly. Thank you, Andy.

I am happy to recommend Perihelion Solar Power Systems and Andy Barrett to anyone who might be considering an investment in solar power for your home or business. It will make money for you every month.”

Tmdeere45, @energysage.com

“Perihelion handled everything from top to bottom. When we ran into an issue with the original plan, they were quick to determine the fix. We knew what we could expect from our system from the start since Perihelion had all the bells and whistles to show us exactly how the sun passes over our home and, as a result, our system potential. The install would modernize any home and turned out to be a beautiful modern addition to our 70’s ranch style home.

Our install was not a simple one and Perihelion had no problem navigating and installing in a timely fashion. It doesn’t hurt that they are a great group of people who are easy to work with. These folks are local too, so the money stays local. We are fully satisfied and would highly recommend their services.”

Rsh.Horn21, @energysage.com

“We are so grateful to have found Andy Barrett and Perihelion Solar in Russellville! First, we really appreciate the trust and accountability that comes with doing business locally. Second, Andy worked with us to design an effective array that accommodates the afternoon shading brought on by our towering pecan tree. We have east, south and west facing panels. Third, I am sure there are folks out there with larger budgets than ours, but our array produced enough through the spring and summer that we were able to bank KWh with Entergy! Fourth, Andy took time to answer all our questions from the viability of our roof to how net metering actually works; in addition, his response time was always within 24 hours. In summary, with Perihelion Solar, we found engineering expertise, personal service and reliability and that is just what we needed when making our solar investment.”

Janschaper, @energysage.com